AMC Services

AMC Services

The financial cost of unplanned downtime can be expensive and lead to additional costs to your business, such as delayed deliveries, lost sales opportunities and even lost customers

We work in partnership with our customers for the long term. We have a support network of engineers who understand the demands of your business and can provide practical and innovative solutions, as well as recommend the most appropriate combination of software, training and services to suit your needs.

We understand it's essential to maximise productivity, which is why we offer support and maintenance contracts specifically designed with your success in mind.

  • eSupport Enables our Technical Support Team to view detailed information via email relating to your queries, for a rapid and accurate response.
  • Telephone support Provides direct telephone contact to the Technical Support Team, for resolution of more involved issues.
  • Web rescue A direct PC to PC service allowing our Technical Support Team to resolve your issues.
  • Expert on site Where required, we can send a Support Engineer to your site, ensuring a speedy resolution to your issue.

Upgrades & Retrofits

CMM’s are a mainstay within inspection departments globally, some forty years after they were introduced to the market. One of the main reasons for this is that they still offer the appealing balance of being cost-effective, fast and accurate when it comes to measuring precision components.

One of the great things about CMM’s is that the physical bridge, if well looked after, should stand the test of time. They also aren’t the part of the system where the major technical advancements have taken place, the technology associated with them has. Generally speaking, obsolescence is the major factor in making a CMM redundant. Controllers, software and probing have all made massive step changes over the last few years. By upgrading these areas, Status can bring most CMM’s inline with the latest current showroom offerings for a fraction of the price of replacing the bridge and granite.

Our technical specialists can upgrade your CMM machine, regardless of whether you bought it from us or elsewhere, to keep your CMM running at peak efficiency for you and your business.

Before upgrading your CMM, decide on what benefits you wish to achieve, whether that’s improved throughput, greater accuracy, enhanced reliability, improved software, greater access to trained operators, or simply to overcome an electronic obsolescence issue. From there, we can advise on the upgrades that need to be made to achieve it. If you’re unsure what benefits are available, we offer a full CMM audit, with no obligation or cost to you. So there has never been a better time to find out what else you could be achieving with your current CMM.

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