RS5 Squared

RS5 Squared

Area Scanner Unique ultra-high-speed structured light 3D scanning technology.
Often, the time needed to scan a part is the most important factor when planning measurement tasks. The part might only be available for measurement for a limited time or restricted to an inconvenient location. That’s why Hexagon has created the RS-SQUARED Area Scanner, the world’s first structured light scanner mounted on a portable measuring arm.

RS-SQUARED is designed to ensure scanning is as fast as possible by combining the speed of an area scanner with the versatility of a measurement arm. Large ’tiles’ of data are captured instead of the laser lines, but without the need for the reference markers that are typical of other area scanners. It’s ideal for users who have large backlogs of parts or limited time in which to scan them.

Up to 4 scan ’tiles’ are collected every second. Each tile measures 300 x 300 millimetres and contains up to 1 million points.

Reference markers are not required, reducing set-up time and eliminating the need to clean the part after scanning.

Scan in 10 minutes an area that would require an hour of work with even a high-end laser scanner.

Easily removed from the arm for better usability while probing.

Remountable in seconds with no time-wasting realignment.

Full-speed scanning performance over WiFi or a single cable.

Complete System Scanning Certification defined according to ISO 10360-8 Annex D.

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