Prime Scan

Prime Scan

An attractive entry-level solution for the precise 3D digitisation of industrial components, the PrimeScan stands on a foundation of innovative fringe projection technology that allows it to deliver high luminous power and excellent projection quality.

Thanks to a compactly designed unit with a base area the size of an A4 sheet of paper and a total system weight of less than four kilograms, the PrimeScan is ready to go anywhere that high-resolution measurement is needed. Combined with a short working distance, its small form factor makes the PrimeScan perfect for scanning in special application areas, such as on a desktop or in difficult to access parts of the shop floor.

The scanning of glossy and dark surfaces without pre-treatment is aided by the PrimeScan’s powerful projector, while the initial positioning of the measurement object is simplified by the scanner’s integrated laser pointers. Selected robots and accessories enable both automated measurement and easy data acquisition within both smaller and larger volumes.

Smart Data Capture

The Smart Data Capture technology developed for all Hexagon structured light scanners powers data acquisition at extremely high speeds while maintaining high data quality. It also allows for the varying of measurement resolution as required by the demands of the specific application.

Configuration options

Depending on the required resolution and precision, different camera resolutions and measuring fields are available for the PrimeScan. Eight fixed configurations are available, allowing users to select the perfect tool for their particular measurement task.

Key advantages

  • Specialised ‘one button’ interface for simple execution of prepared measurement programs
  • User guidance through robot pose and scan path planning using smart process automation
  • User guidance through robot pose and scan path planning using smart process automation
  • In-process planning significantly reduces downtime – create scan plans up to 16 times faster than fully manually programmed systems
  • Interactive mode allows positions to be added or edited into existing programs
  • Inspection macro functionality allows integration of surface and feature measurement within a single program
  • Manual Teaching module for advanced users
  • Direct shop-floor review of inspection reports
  • Upload of measurements and reports over LAN to shared directory for easy access
  • HiRes based on StereoScan neo R16.2 and Efficient based on PrimeScan R5
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