Smart Scan

Smart Scan

Discover high-speed data acquisition at extremely high levels of detail with the non-contact 3D optical scanning technology of the SmartScan. Objects are digitised within seconds, irrespective of their size and complexity, and are directly available as high-precision 3D data in numerous standard formats for further processing.

With a compact design and low weight it’s a fully mobile system, ready to go to work in the most challenging workshop conditions. Thanks to a high-tech carbon-fibre structural design, the SmartScan maintains extremely stable and reliable performance even under the pressure of temperature fluctuations.

Available in a variety of system configurations, and fully upgradeable thanks to its modular architecture, the SmartScan is the ideal choice for effective and affordable measurement performance across a range of applications and industries. Choose between the standard twin 5-megapixel camera version and the high-end twin 12-megapixel camera arrangement.

Key Advantages

  • Ideal introduction to 3D metrology
  • Smart Data Capture technology allows for fast acquisition and variable resolution
  • Compact and low-weight design
  • Short working distance ideal for applications in narrow environments
  • Various fixed configurations for diverse range of measuring tasks
  • High-resolution sensor technology for maximum detail
  • Scanning of glossy and dark surfaces without pre-treatment
  • Handheld probe option
  • Combinable with photogrammetry systems
  • Accessories such as turntable and turn-tilt units allow for semi-automated scanning
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